Considerable intelligence is displayed by Dragons. However, their memories are notoriously short, their recall lasting from 2-3 days. They seem to have particular problems in remembering specific events and names, frequently slurring or compressing syllables. In fact, this is the origin of the honorific. Some Dragons are reported to chat incessantly, whilst others rarely speak except to express an opinion. Riders on the whole tend to be biased when their lifemate is under consideration and will often be close mouthed about what their Dragon has said.

Dragons rarely communicate directly with anyone but their Rider, but they do have the ability. Generally it is assumed that they do not usually feel the need to communicate with others, but when they do, it is usually only in short phrases.

It seems that certain matters do interest them, since they can be highly intuitive about what affects them and their Riders, and in leading Dragons their Wing or Weyr, with some Dragons offering suggestions on problem solving.

Dragons do seem to have some difficulty relating cause and effect. For example, if a Dragon saw his Rider making straps, the Dragon wouldn't necessarily correlate that to his Rider's increased safety during Threadfall. However, they do possess an instinctive inbred hatred and reaction to Thread and are difficult to dissuade from attacking even if they aren't stocked with Firestone.