Dragon Weyr is a fictitious and non canon weyr located on a very large island to the west of Tillek Hold. Although the Weyr itself is non-canon the Islands are shown on several canon maps.

The IslandsEdit

The Islands were formed by volcanic action originally and a caldera for naturally occurring caves was expanded by persons unknown at this time into a fully functioning (although abandoned until now) weyr.

The WeyrEdit

The Weyr has a current capacity for about 250 dragons. It is a smallish weyr at this time. Many individual weyrs exist on the northern and southern walls with both stairs, flight access and corridors. However much of the inside of the caldera walls are yet pristine and without dragon access carved from the rock face. The final capacity is yet to be determined but more weyrs could be made accessible by miners and stonecutters. Smaller quarters line the northern face of the bowl and larger at the south.

Hot SpringsEdit

There are naturally occurring hot springs located in several places throughout the structure. Water can be seen to circulate in and out of these areas keeping the water fresh and hot enough for bathing and soaking. These springs are channeled to several communal bathing facilities, these facilities are used by both males and females.

Weyrleaders weyrEdit

Is located in the southern face of the Weyr above the hatching grounds. The Weyrleader and Weyrwomans quarters adjoin and are separated from the Junior pair by the council

A corridor runs behind them with access to senior staff quarters (non dragonrider), Records room, Wingrider lounge and storage.

There is a private bathing facility fed by a hotspring with circulating water between the Weyrleader and Weyrwoman's quarters.

Naturally occurring tubes can be used for communication to the lower caverns and a dumbwaiter type lift is available to send requested items to the Weyrleaders quarters.This is normally how the staff gets meals to the pair.

The HoldEdit

Exploration has found evidence of crops and a hold that can be refurbished.