Clean lacerations of a burn-nature, edges blackened and burned. Score will be shallow and simple in appearance. Rider and Dragon will be uncomfortable at most.


  1. Make sure that the Threadscoring is definitely of a basic nature. Look for deeper, more serious injuries.
  2. If wound has become dirty (often char dust will be the main culprit), clean quickly but thoroughly with Redwort solution.
  3. Cover wounded area with Numbweed.
  4. Leave unbandaged if at all possible. If not, then bandage loosely (see prevention of Infection ). Remember, if the area cannot be physically bandaged, you can soak the bandages in Numbweed, then apply, and the Numbweed will help stick the bandage to the wound.

Recovery: Simple scores are unlikely to trouble Dragons once treated. Slightly deeper scores with no complications or infections may keep the Dragon out of the air for a day or two.

Note: Also see Deep Threadscore